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Off! Commercial Hero Mom Viacom

I Know This Much is True (2019) Nurse HBO

The Loudest Voice (2019)                                   Extra Showtime        

Good Morning America Contributor ABC

Megyn Kelly Today Contributor NBC

The Today Show Contributor NBC


Can You Keep a Secret (post-production 2019) Plane Passenger Director Elise Duran

Shoplifters of the Worlds (post-production 2019) Counter Girl Director Stephen Kijak

Exit Ama (Principal) Director Isabella F. Harewood



ProAct Explainer Host Captivate Video

Aquaphor Video Host The Bump

Truth Bomb Mom Contributor The Little Things

Leave No Trace Campaign                                 Hiker NY State Parks

Ally Bank Video Host The Bump

The G! Host Scary Mommy

Facebook LIVE Host Cafe MOM


Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Mom Digital Ad

Gastro UC Case Study Dr. Hubbard Industrial

Patient Support Group Laura                                     Industrial


Good Dirt Reader Storyhorse Productions

The Kept Private Reader Storyhorse Productions


Improv 101-301 Upright Citizens Brigade

BA Digital Media Marywood University