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Hey Y’all!

I’m Nacia Walsh, actor, writer, and host. I get paid to make sh*t up which is pretty magical since I’ve been dreaming of doing this….forever.

Creating new worlds is my jam mostly because it gives me a break from making Nutella sandwiches for tiny humans. More importantly I love good, ridiculous, and thoughtful storytelling.

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My decade of experience has been cultivated through numerous online publications, television, hosting, film and digital content.

As a frequent contributor on The Today Show, I love sharing DIY projects, especially if it prevents me from spending all my money at Target. Some would say I’m a parenting expert, but don't ask my kids’ opinion on that matter. I’ve also appeared on Good Morning America, Scary Mommy, The Little Things, The Bump, and Cafe Mom.

I truly feel comedy might be the cure for everything, which is why I’ve studied at UCB Improv to sharpen my funny bone, plus I really dig making an ass of myself for a laugh.

I use my life to inform everything I do in my work. Which is why writing about a Black woman raising bi-racial kids in an all white town felt just right. I'm currently shopping a 1/2 hr comedy pilot and writing another to produce.

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