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I should be considered a modern day “Jack of all Trades”, though I think I've mastered a few. Growing up the only child of a single mom in Upstate NY, I performed and got lost in my own fantasies. They basically saved me from feeling lonely.

Television was my best friend and I dreamed of one day jumping into some fantastical world with Buffy, Storm, or any show from the 90's featuring a fine-lookin' boy. At 17 I became a mom and was swiftly pulled back to reality.

I dug deep (and had a ton of help) to graduate from high school on time. I completed my Communications degree and interned my way into a job in television news, while slinging steaks at a chain restaurant.  After a short stint in the music business, working with veteran and new talent, I traded my NYC gig for a simpler life back upstate with my growing family. I immersed myself in a holistic lifestyle shift by freelance writing, blogging about pregnancy and parenting, and becoming a Birth Doula.

Though I am a mom of four I am still dumbfounded by the sheer volume of insane behaviors my kids concoct. I've learned some valuable tidbits over the last 20 years and I really do love sharing them through any medium I can.

I've had a ton jobs in my time on this planet, but sharing stories (real or imaginary) has always been my true passion. 

You can find me on most days watching my boys fight over hockey sticks or asking "Who left the refrigerator open?" On others I'm a frequent contributor on the Today Show and host my comedy/parenting podcast (cuz they're the same thing right?), Parenting on the Fly

If you'd like to book me on your show or event please drop me a note here, because Pokemon cards don't grow on trees.