Episode 4: The Dude Mom Life w/Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez is the author of Dude Mom, a humor, lifestyle blog, she launched in 2008 after she had her third male child and decided to embrace life as the only princess in the house.

In addition to chronicling her experiences as a ridiculously stylish mom of boys, Amanda owns a photography business. She also works full time as a digital content producer and social media manager for small businesses that appreciate witty words and funny GIFs as much as she does.

Check out her site www.dudemom.com

Follow her on Instagram & Twitter @thedudemom

Episode 3: My Pretty Princess Son w/Alexis Barad-Cutler

Alexis Barad-Cutler is a children's book writer and essayist who writes candidly and often humorously about the "stuff no one talks about in Mom Group" for sites like Romper,  Well Rounded NYMommy Nearest, and The Huffington Post.

Her writing runs the gamut from how to tell if your toddler has lice, to over-sharing crazy moms (ps that’s all of us), to being grateful for her c-sections. When she’s not practicing aerial yoga you can find her hitting the streets of Brooklyn with her two kiddos.

Check out her website www.alexisbaradcutler.com

Follow her on Twitter @alexisbcutler or on Instagram @alexisbaradcutler

Episode 2: Six Kids and Stopping w/Stephanie Ortiz

Stephanie Ortiz is a SAHM of 6 who still can't quite figure out how she deviated from her original life plan of traveling the globe as a single, mad professor with too many cats & no kids. She enjoys blogging in her spare time, because it's cheaper than therapy.

Ortiz is the creator of the award-winning parenting humor blog, Six Pack Mom (www.sixpackmom.com), & has been featured on Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, & The Steve Harvey Show. She may maintain the facade of a mature, suburban housewife, but she's really an overgrown teenager that still enjoys pranking friends & air-guitaring to Nine Inch Nails.

Follow her! @sixpackmom

Episode 1: Blissful Chaos w/Rebekah "Bex" Borucki

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE® and the BLISSED IN® wellness movement, is a TV host, meditation guide, author, speaker, birth doula, fitness and yoga instructor, and popular social media personality. Her first book,You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation and True Bliss, was released by Hay House in February 2017.

But if all that weren’t amazing enough, she is also a mom of 5 kids ages 19-2.5. Bex is not afraid to share the ridiculousness that comes with raising tiny humans while running a successful wellness brand. One of the reasons I love calling her my friend is because she inspires me and keeps it really, really real.


Twitter & Instagram @bexlife

Parenting on the FLY Intro w/Nacia Walsh

Here’s the truth about parenting, most of us have no clue what we’re doing. But we are experts at making stuff up as we go. So if you ever feel like you suck at raising those little humans, welcome to the club---population you, me, and EVERYONE else you know.

The good news is I’m a writer, improv junkie, doula and mom of 4, and I’ve got your back. Every week I’m talking to some of the most raw, hysterical, and fearless kid raisers I know. Because the truth is--- we’re all just winging it. Welcome to Parenting on the Fly.

The Premiere is Today!

I'm so damn excited about this!

Launching in 3...2...1

Thank you. Seriously, thank you for checking out my podcast because I know your life is crazy busy and the last thing you need is another thing to listen to, or kid to clean up after.

Sorry I can't help you with either

But what I CAN do is let you know that the Parenting on the Fly's podcast is finally LIVE!

Today, I'm bringing you not 1 but 2 ridiculously funny interviews with two moms who get our parenting philosophy: 

  • Listen
  • Don't take things so seriously
  • Be open
  • Collaborate
  • Say YES...and work out the details later



Jump on the crazy train and save me a seat

Rebekah "Bex" Boruki is a mom of 5, author, and doula. She exposes her ninja-like sexy time skills, broken bone woes, and how she is done with lying to her kids (mostly).

Stephanie Ortiz is known famously around the interwebs as "Six Pack Mom". Her Twitter is on fire with hilarious commentary on her life as a mom of 6.

Also check out the first teaser episode to learn about how this whole thing got started.

OH... and if you want to see how I parent on the fly (when I'm not cursing out Pinterest), check out my segment from the Today Show where I share rainy day activities with Kathy Lee & Hoda. They also sang my name and I almost died.

Me and KLG Hoda.jpg

OK that's it for me. It's 1am and I need kick a toddler out of bed.

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Parenting on the Fly Launches July 24!

It's haaaapening! The Parenting on the Fly Podcast launches 7/24 & I can't wait to share it with you guyzzzz!!!

I've been working so hard over the last few months interviewing some of the funniest and most honest parents I know, just so YOU can laugh at their pain....no really they gave me permission.

We're talking to author and mom of 5 Rebekah Borucki about stealthy sexy-time skills, writer Alexis Barad-Cutler about  sanctimommies and their b.s., Stephanie Ortiz, the "six pack mom"  about...duh...having 6 flipping kids, and "dude mom" Amanda Rodriguez about boy funk.
And that's just the beginning people!

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We're about to get really real about parenting! 


Parenting on the FLY ---COMING SOON!

Hey, soooo...

I recently blurted to my 6 year old that the Easter Bunny didn't exist.

Yea...I'm smooth.

No matter how prepared you think you are--- there's always a kid who will prove you wrong.

Thought you were the only makin stuff up as you go? Oh no friend, I have a premium membership to that club, (and so does everyone else you know!) 

This sh*t is h-a-r-d no matter how many books you read.

Here’s the good news...I got you.

Every week I'm going to talk to some of the most raw, hysterical, and fearless kid raisers I know. Cuz the truth is----we’re all just winging it.

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