Episode 7: Bone, Thugs, and Wonderwoman w/actor Lucas Calhoun

Because I strive to give you parenting--straight, no chaser, I decided what better way then through ACTUAL improv. The format is little different but my love for ya'll remains. I hope you at least giggle and at most let a little pee go (it's ok I won't tell). Either way I hope you enjoy!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing my husband....my on-screen husband that is, Lucas Calhoun.

Besides being a talented actor and improvisor, he's also a dedicated dad who's all about #thatdadlife. He talks about his 4 year old daughter and her alter ego Midnight Cheetah (who may be my new idol) who she created at Superhero Camp. We also discover exactly old we are when discussing pop music today (hint: we may require anew hip).

Lucas Calhoun is an American Actor based out of New York. He has appeared on Television shows like (BILLIONS, MADAM SECRETARY) and on Broadway in The Elephant Man.

Lucas is one of the Founding Members of The Drunk Shakespeare Society where five classically trained actors meet nightly and explore one of Shakespeare’s plays, whilst one of them gets hammered---all in front of a live audience.

When he is not pretending to be someone else for money he can be found playing a princess, villain, superhero or horse in is recurring role as Vivienne’s father.

Instagram @instalucas



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